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About Sapporo Language Center

Principal Saji Tamiko

A Greeting from the Principal

In a survey taken in Asia, Hokkaido was the most desired prefecture of Japan to visit. Surrounded by beautiful nature, Sapporo is the center of Hokkaido and its politics, economy, and culture. About 30% of Hokkaido’s population resides in Sapporo, and it is considered to be “the number one city that Japanese people would like to live in”.

Sapporo is fascinating not just for its nature, but also as the origin for many kinds of music, fashion, food, sports, culture, and trends. Sapporo, a city where nature and culture are full of life. There are various cultural facilities, 22 universities and community colleges, and many vocational schools. The educational institutions warmly and actively accept exchange students.

Compared to Tokyo, the prices are cheaper, and the necessities of this northern land, the underground subways, underground walkways, and shopping centers are developed and allow you to enjoy winter even without a coat. There’s much for you to enjoy here, and it’s a comfortable city to live in.

The Sapporo Language Center is in the city within Nakajima Park, where people love to go to relax. Each summer there is a music festival in the nearby concert hall, ‘Kitara’, where young musicians from around the world gather. In winter, you can enjoy cross-country skiing in the park.

Sapporo is an ideal place to experience and understand more of Japan, and Sapporo Language Center is the ideal school to learn Japanese. Wonderful teachers are waiting for you. Please make your dreams come true and take action. We are your supporters.

Principal Saji Tamiko

About our parent company: Career Bank Co., Ltd


Career Bank is Hokkaido’s largest recruiting agency.
It was established in 1987, and from 2001 it has been listed on the stock exchange.
It has supported many foreign nationals with employment in Japan.
From 2016, the “Employment Support Program for Foreign Students” has been entrusted by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. Career Bank is working hard to support foreign nationals with employment in Japan.

Career Bank Official Site

Career Bank

Hokkaido’s Charms

Mt.Yotei and Biei

About Hokkaido

Hokkaido is the northernmost island of Japan, with magnificent and beautiful nature that can be enjoyed throughout all four seasons.

With the World Heritage site Shiretoko, prominent ski resorts in Niseko, and the famous lavender fields in Furano, people from all over the world come to see the many charms of Hokkaido.

The Hokkaido people are very kind and polite, and with the low prices of commodities, it is a comfortable place to live in Japan.

Sapporo and Odori

About Sapporo

Sapporo, with its population of 1,950,000 people, is a fusion of nature and city life, and is the 5th largest city in Japan.

Sapporo is the business center of Hokkaido and is surrounded by great nature, bringing many tourists to visit this city every year.

It is famous for “Sapporo Snow Festival” that is held each winter.

The Snow Festival is held in Odori Park, where many events are held all throughout the year.

Sapporo has been voted the number one “City in Japan you want to live in”.

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About the Japanese Language Course

Types of Courses

From 6 months to 2 years maximum, choose any course you desire.
6 months ・9 months ・1 year course, enrollment throughout the year.
(Admission periods: January, April, July, October)

Terms 6 Months
(20 weeks)
9 Months
(30 weeks)
1 Year
(40 weeks)
1 Year 3 Months
(50 weeks)
1 Year 6 Months
(60 weeks)
1 Year 9 Months
(70 weeks)
2 Years
(80 weeks)
Enrollment period Anytime January October July April
Application requirements Applicants must complete high school in a foreign country
(more than 12 years of education)
Applicants must complete high school in a foreign country
(more than 12 years of education)
Selection process Paper screening and interview examination
Status of residence Student visa

Attainable Goals of Each Course

Whether you are a beginner or at an advanced level, we will help personalise your goals, aiming together for the level of Japanese that will be needed for further education or job hunting.

Level Objectives Teaching materials
To acquire basic grammar and speaking skills necessary for everyday language "Shin BUnka for beginners","Tanoshiku kikou"
To further develop the vocabulary and grammar skills to be able to move intermediate level "Let's go to the intermediate"
To prepare to take JLPT N2 "Tema-betsu Chukyu Kara Manabu Nihongo"
To prepare to take JLPT N1 Study materials for JLPT
To acquire essential skills needed in order to successfully pass the university entrance exams or to find a job "Tema-betsu Jyokyu De Manabu Nihongo"


Course 6 Months 9 Months 1 Year 1 Year 3 Months 1 Year 6 Months 1 Year 9 Months 2 Years
Application fee 30,000 30,000 30,000 30,000 30,000 30,000 30,000
Entrance fee 64,800 64,800 64,800 64,800 64,800 64,800 64,800
Tuition fee 307,800 461,700 615,600 769,500 923,400 1,077,300 1,231,200
Text books 10,800 21,600 21,600 27,000 32,400 37,800 43,200
Total 413,400 578,100 732,000 891,300 1,050,600 1,209,900 1,369,200

※1 year of tuition fee is 615,600 yen.

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School Life & Support

Sapporo Center Language

Sapporo Language Center: Japanese Course, is located in the center of Sapporo city and is very convenient for commuting.
The school is surrounded by nature and Nakajima Park has a very quiet and relaxed atmosphere that can be enjoyed.
For those students who desire to be admitted into university or graduate school in Japan, or wish to find employment in Japan, we offer a full education facility for learning Japanese.


Living Expenses

Sapporo is very affordable with low price living expenses.

※Rent, food expenses, and utility costs are included.

Extracurricular activities

Extracurricular Activities

Other than lessons, we have programs prepared for you to be able to experience more of the Japanese culture and fully enjoy Hokkaido. In the summer time, the whole school will go on a field trip, and various extracurricular activities are in store for each class. Please enjoy Japan and have many new experiences while you are here.

Student dormitory

Smooth Transition Support

Our school provides a free pick-up when you enter the country, and assists in alien registration procedures after arriving. We also offer support for student dormitories and finding apartments, as well as the move-in procedure.

Part-time job Introduction

Our parent company, Career Bank, is the largest recruitment company in Hokkaido.
We can introduce you to various work according to your language level.

Sapporo’s hourly wage can be from 800 yen to 1,200 yen, varying with your Japanese language skills.

Possible Jobs

  • Customer service, sales, translations in Duty-Free shops.
  • Customer service and kitchen work in restaurants.
  • Customer service, cleaning staff in hotels.
  • Packing, transporting in factories.

※Working 28 hours a week, can earn from 80,000yen to 100,000yen a month.


Employment Support

We will not only introduce students to part-time jobs, but we will also support you in finding employment after graduating.
We provide guidance for job-hunting seminars, writing entry sheets and resumes, information on job-fairs, and interview practices to help you find employment.
We will also introduce you to, and inform you about employment opportunities and short company internships.

Enrollment Guide

For the admission procedure, our professional staff are here to help, so please don’t worry.



  Schedule April Admission July Admission October Admission January Admission
STEP1 Application Deadline Previous December March June Previous September
STEP2 Document Submission to the Immigration Bureau Document review takes 2 months
STEP3 Immigration Bureau Result Announcement February May August Previous November
STEP4 Tuition & other fees due March June September Previous December
STEP5 VISA Application Apply in your home country
STEP6 Arrive in Japan

Documents to be submitted

NO. Application Documents Details
1 Admission Application Must be hand-written on our application form.
2 Picture 3cm x 4cm 7 copies
(Your full name on the back ・ must have been taken within the last 3 months)
3 Reasons for learning Japanese Please write in specifically and in detail. Will require a copy in Japanese.
4 Resume Please fill out the designated form.
5 Graduation Certificate from most recent school (Highschool, University, or Graduate School) Original Document If it’s from a Vocational School, please attach your high school graduation certificate with the submission.
6 Transcript Please submit your full transcript as issued by your most recent school.
7 Passport Copy Please submit the profile page, and all pages with VISA and immigration marks.
8 Japanese Language Learning Certificate Certification from the Japanese educational institution (length of enrollment・hours of learning・attendance status・teaching materials and etc. recorded). As well as any certification of Japanese language skills from a public exam qualification. (Above N5)
9 Expense Report "Financial Support Statement" or "Method of Financial Support" in the Expense form will need a copy translated into Japanese (school designated form)
10 Certificate of Deposit Balance from the Financial Supporter Original copy is necessary ※Note) If your financial supporter is someone other than your parents, please contact us.
11 Other Documents for Reference Copy of Residency Record (China), Relationship Notarization Letter, Tax Certificate (Non-tax payers will not need this), Income Certificate, Corporate Registry Certificate (If financial supporter is a corporate executive), Identification Card (Copy of the applicant and the financial supporter : Notarization Requirements)

Contact Information

Sapporo Language Center,Famil Nakajima Kouen 2F,Minami 11-jo Nisi 1-3-17,Chuoku,Sapporo,Hokkaido

Company Profile

Corporate name
Sapporo Language Center Co.,LTD.
President and Representative Director
Yoshio Sato
October 2001

Please feel free to contact us for enrollment and other inquiries.

Application・Contact Information